About Us

The Story of Cosmology begins in the year 2000. After 9 years of university musical studies (1991-2000), Christopher Moors began his own composition work in earnest. Through meditation and introspection the door was opened and the music came forth. 2000-2006 was a period of intense productivity.

This found fruition in the foundation of the band Cosmology in 2007 and has evolved into its current 2019 form as a perfect balance of jazz, classical and rock.  Cosmology plays jazz standards, classic rock, and originals of Christopher Moors.

Influences include The Beatles, Louis Armstrong, Van Halen, Huey Lewis, ELO, Chet Baker, Frank Sinatra, The Traveling Wilburys, Solo Beatles, and many more!

Christopher Moors – Trumpet, Guitar, Vocals
Seth Anders – Tenor Saxophone, Backing Vocals
Young Kim – Guitar
Vance Bollinger – Keyboard
Ben Taylor – Bass
Slammin’ Sam Carroll – Drums